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At MK Power Shop, we understand that investing in solar power can be daunting. That's why we've made it our mission to provide you with the best solar experience possible, alongside transparency, speed, and increased tax benefits. Serving clients anywhere in Texas, we are dedicated to finding the perfect installer and US-made equipment to suit your needs.

Maximizing Your Solar Investment

We leverage our industry expertise and connections to shop for each client's best installer and equipment, ensuring you receive the highest quality solar system at the most competitive price. Our detailed approach allows us to cut your system ROI time in half, meaning you'll enjoy the benefits of solar energy even sooner.

MK Power Shop

Unmatched Tax Benefits

At MK Power Shop, we take pride in helping our clients pay their system off early. By maximizing your tax benefits and providing access to cash priced financing, we help to significantly reduce the overall cost of your solar install, equipment, and financing.

Our customers may be eligible for an additional tax credit by using panels that meet the IRA definition of Made in USA.

Why Choose MK Power Shop?

  • MK Power Shop

    We shop for the best installer and US-made panels for each client

  • MK Power Shop

    We connect with tax professionals to get every possible incentive for your system

  • MK Power Shop

    Our system Return on Investment is often substantially reduced

  • MK Power Shop

    We serve clients anywhere in Texas

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